How does this sound for a new build around november?

k so im building a new gaming/video editing/hackintosh and want something that will last me several years so far this is what i have decided(note most my links are to newegg however price is from site i'm buying from which might be different):
case - cooler master haf 922 mid case $110
cpu - intel core i7 920 d0 $340
- 920 processor
ram - corsair XMS3 2x 3X2gb ddr3 1600 $280.00
psu - kingwin mach 1000w psu sli certifies crossfire ready $230
motherboard - asus p6t6 ws revolution $370
hard drive - wd caviar black 1tb $110
dvd drive - Sony Optiarc Black $35
cpu cooler - corsair hydro h50 water cooler $75 hydro
thermal paste - tuniq tx-3 $25 (with shipping)
keyboard - apple wired keyboard $65
the last thing is the gpu and thats where im the most unsure. i dont play an playing games in osx just as long as i get full resolution and qe/ci support. i know the 5870 is new and it is hard to tell if apple wil upgrade from its curreny 4870 or if 5870 will ever be supported but it seems like the best option atm. so any suggestions is greatly appriciated. also i was going to buy this wifi card but if you know of a better one with osx and windows vista/7 support that great.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Change that power supply to a Corsair. You don't need 1000W unless you are planning on doing Crossfire later on.
  2. sorry i forgot to mention that i will be upgrading to Crossfire in the future just not right now also i choose that psu because it has a high rating on newegg and is cheaper than most. Now the other psu i was considering was the Corsair HX1000W CMPSU-1000HX 1000W
    there a very respectable company and i can find it for cheaper online around $220 however again it is crossfire ready but not certified. is that so much of an issue? and thanks for helping
  3. well still for dual crossfire a good 750 watt psu will cover you but of course if your planning on tri or quad fire then the 1000 watts will be necessary
  4. k thanks guys so aside from the psu i'm guessing it sounds good to you guys. oh and the only thing i didn't mention was my cpu cooler i'm going with the corsair hydro h50 with a new fan though aside from the stock one.
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