Ga-x58a-ud3r cpu speed incorrectly listed?

I have a new i7-930 installed. Brand new build, just booted for first time. No OC.

In the bios system info screen it lists Processor Speed as 2.93GHz

In the bios MIT screen it lists CPU frequency as 2.8Ghz, which is what I'd expect since I haven't fiddled with anything yet...

Anyone else see a difference like this?
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    Your motherboard is using some kind of feature to boost the speed of your cpu. Don't worry. Everything is ok.
    Read the manual which came with the motherboard. This cpu can go up much higher.
  2. The BIOS displays the max speed of your processor after Turbo Boost take effect.
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    nHi, how fast could you get to OC with i7-930???
  5. mc300, have you tried lookinf at the GB X58 guides here and here?
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