Monitor Turned Red

My monitor has turned red.Displaying evrything reddish, but when i connect it to the external tv tuner card it is working fine.

where could be the problem. can i connect display card to overcome i dont want to buy expensive graphics cards please suggest

Thanks in advance
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  1. Bad video card memory.
    You need to RMA it or buy a new one.
  2. The Qimonda ram that XFX and generally all of the OEM's put on their reference boards is Qimonda branded. The problem lies in the fact that the chips can't seem to run at their rated speeds with the timings they are set at. Regardless of cooling you'll most likely have the red ants of doom problem in games using the UT3 or similar engines, Bioshock being one of them. RMA that sucker and tell them that the RAM appears to have gone bad, or the RAM just doesn't work right at all. I got a RMA back from them, still Qimonda, but no longer faces the red dots problem.. ever. *knock on wood* Some people get lucky, getting cards back with Samsung chips, which have looser timings, but rarely have issues that the Qimonda have and can be overclocked considerably more than their Qimonda counterparts
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