2500k overclock part2

I have another question that I would like to add on to a recent post I made.
See previous post here http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/272120-29-core-2500k-coolermaster

The additional question I would like to add is whether or not my psu could handle both the overclock and the radeon 7970 (I do not plan on overclocking the gpu right away) which I plan to get when it comes out.
The cpu I'm now planning for a 4.5 Ghz OC. The Heat sink is a 212 evo.

My psu is a corsair ax650w.
I'm pretty certain that it should due to it's reputation and price, but I would like confirmation.
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  1. From the specs, the PSU should be just fine with the GPU, even if both are OC'd. However, real life differs, and you have to also take into account the actual components and their lifespan and performance. It also depends on the extent of the OC'ing.
  2. I'm now planning on overclocking the cpu to 4.5 Ghz and keeping the 7970 running at stock, but that may change a year from now.
    A few more opinions would be good before I plunge into this.
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