X4 955 BE, is the pre-applied thermal grease enough?

The instruction reads "Thermal interface material is required for all AMD processors. use only the recommended thermal interface material for this processor (see website for list of approved material). The heat sink/fan provided with your retail AMD processor has pre-applied thermal interface material."

So I don't really have to apply EXTRA paste/grease/oil myself, right?
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  1. The thermal paste that is already applied will work fine unless you plan on extreme overclockingl. Do not add any additional thermal grease.
  2. +1...or if you do already have a better paste you want to use, wipe off the other first.
  3. IMHO, they over did it from the factory (which can also build heat). Mine looked like they glued a foam-rubber pad to it. If you have any name-brand TIM (Artic-5, MX-2) laying around, I'd remove it and start over. If not, there's way more than enough thermal paste on there already.
  4. Thanks all :)
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a question, I just recently brought the X4 955 BE. How can I tell if the thermal compound is already applied on the CPU?

    Sorry if this is considered a really Noobie question...

    And if you were to scrap off the pre applied compound and put on the new Arctic Silver 5. One should one apply it to the CPU right? Not the heat sink?

    thank you
  6. The thermal pads are located on the heatsink itself. You can tell if there is paste by looking for any residue or square of a sheet of residue (thermal paste) on the bottom of the heatsink or top of the CPU, its really hard to miss. If you're applying new paste i'd do it in the CPU but it shouldn't matter considering you're pressing them together.
  7. Thank you very much, that is very helpful. I see it on the bottom of my heatsink.
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