Cpu Temps out of hand?

Hey guys

Got a problem with a newly built rig and made an account here specifically for it. So earlier today i finished putting my components together. Problem was that the 24 pin power connector was to short to reach the socket. So went online and ordered an extension for it. So i thought in the mean time i might as well install the os and get it up and running. So as a temporary solution i put the psu in the hdd bay so it could reach lol. I know it wasn't a good idea but its only temporary. Anyway, i switch on he computer and everything is fine and dandy. Eventually i just start checking stuff and benchmarks. I downloaded a temperature monitor program and was quite shocked at the results.

At idle the cpu was 56 degrees C. Now my initial thought was because the psu wasnt in the right place so its affecting air flow. + the front of the case is off and there is obviously a massive hole where the psu should be. But that cant be the problem because the system temp is 26 C and thats not too bad. I checked these temps in the Bios and it was all the same. Whats even more frightening was that all 4 core were 99 or 100 degrees C!!! Was gonna try and run it under load but was too scared i'd damage something.

So i guess ill tell you about my system.

Core 2 Quad Q8300 with stock fan. It's installed correctly btw. I'm sure. + i assumed that the cpu came with thermal grease so never touched it. I took it off before to inspect it and i could see a grey ring where the heatsink sits. Oh and btw there maybe something i need to tell you. When i first switched it on, the fans didnt run (well not properly) for like a couple minutes and i could smell like almost a burning smell b4 i turned it off.

The stock hsf is running around 1600 rpms (too low) ? Got a couple case fans working at 100%

So guys. whats hapening exactly. Hope i gave you enough info because im pretty frustrated.

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  1. thats a little high, but well within normal range. 90c is when you need to be worrying.

    make sure the HSF is seated correctly, and that the thermal compound is applied correctly. if all you saw was a small ring, i would suspect there isnt enough. pick up some tuniq TX-2 and re apply it, so you know your heatsink has good contact with the CPU.
  2. Buy some thermal grease paste becoz thats high
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