Want to buy new hdd(internal or external)

hi friends
I want to buy a new hard disk(internal or external).My desktop configuration is
Motherboard: GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R(support USB 3.0 and eSATAp)(6 on board sata ports)
Processor: Intel Core i7-920
HDD: Se-gate 500GB(connected on one of 6 on board sata ports)
OS: WINDOW 7 Ultimate
1.) I want to install window 7 on one HDD and i want to install Linux,Windows Xp on another HDD for learning purpose. I want to know if i buy a same type of Se-gate 500GB hard disk and connect it to second of 6 onboard sata ports, am i able to install Linux,Windows Xp on it if yes please tell how.I also want to know will that give me a option to select which os i want to run on each start up or each time i have to select it from bios setting.
This is my main requirement.
2.) Secondly I want to do above same task on external HDD my motherboard support USB 3.0 and eSATAp will external HDD fulfill my requirement also suggest such type and brand of HDD available in India(Bangalore).I am thinking of to use external HDD because some times i require to carry data.But will Linux and Window XP work if i unplug and again plugin the external HDD.
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  1. 1)
    "...am i able to install Linux,Windows Xp on it..."
    Yes you are - the usual way - when you start installation it's asking you where to install.
    "...will that give me a option to select which os i want to run..."
    You need a boot manager. There are many but win7 has it's own.
    grub does something like this. Brand is irrelevant. In which state is India? :)
    Unplugging the system disk while the OS is working is a bad idea. I don't know many OS-es taking easy such punishment.
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