I7 MOBO w/Multilpe PCI Slots

Is there ahyone that makes a decent i7 MOBO with more than one PCI slot? I have legacy sound cards (M-Audio) that requires two slots for 16 channels, plus a RocketPort 8 channel serial card. This is used in a radio application and we need the speed of the i7. Otherwise what? An almost obsolete dual Opteron? That would be fine but I'd rathger get the i7 and get somewhat current.
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  1. There are a lot of mobos with 2 Pci slots. The ASUS P6T is one of them.


    It supports any i7 9xx.
  2. That's a start but I really need 3 PCI. Other wise I have to spend a bundle switching to Firwire or USB for the audio interface. I have two Delta 1010's and a RocketPort.

    Thanks for the link. I like Asus.
  3. Ummmm....That's more difficult.

    There is an ASrock:

    http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=X58 Deluxe

    As you can see, if you have a graphic card which needs 2 slots, you must install it at the last row (be sure that your case has room enough. If it fits in only one slot, no problem.

    Anyway, I don't like ASrock..., but you won't find mobo from a first line brand with 3xPCI.

    It's decent enough. It can be bought.
  4. is there any component that can be swapped for a pci-e version (x1)
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