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I just built a new system about a week ago. My parents ordered me a second HDD for my birthday because my first one was filling up fast. The one I just plugged in is a Samsung 500gb. The Hdd shows up in my device manager and all the drivers are up to date, however the HDD won't show up under My Computer and I can't save anything to it. I'm pretty new to this computer building stuff, any ideas why it won't show up for me?
Thanks for any help
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  1. Have you partitioned and formatted the drive ?
  2. Any new empty drive must have two operations done on it before Windows (or any OS) can use it. Partitioning, done first, writes to the very start of the disk a small Partition Table and MBR which contain details of how the space on the disk is allocated to Partitions. Each Partition is used as if it were a completely separate drive with its own name. You can use ALL of a drive's space in one Partition, or you can make two or more smaller ones - your choice. But at least one Primary Partition needs to be created. In your case of planning to use it for data storage only, have the Partition Non-Bootable.
    The second step is to Format the Partition, and this needs to be done separately for each Partition if you made more than one. The Format operation works only with one Partition at a time and it creates on it the basic system for allocating and tracking the use of disk sectors in files. For large modern disks you should have it install the NTFS File System.

    You can do these two steps yourself using tools included in Windows under Disk Management. Some versions include a Wizard that will get from you the details of BOTH of these operations and do the work for you. But even easier, you can get free utilities for these from the manufacturer of your hard drive. They may actually come with your drive on a CD if you bought a full retail package. But most people buy OEM HDD's (cheaper) that come with no accessories. In that case go to your maker's website. For example, look for Seagate Disk Wizard if your HDD came from Seagate, or from WD look for Data Lifegard. Find the version you want, download and install it on your old hard drive you're already running from, and then run it to prepare your new hard drive for use. Once that is done you reboot and find the new drive in My Computer ready for use. If you have read up on this and decided to make more than one Partition, the all will show up in My Computer as separate drives.

    By the way, if our older HDD is filling up fast, are you regularly emptying the Recycle Bin to get rid of old files you are SURE you wanted to delete?
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