Hey all,

I have a recently built Desktop, built in may. It was running fine, now I seem to get BSODs and in increasing frequency and I am a complete noob when it comes to them. I ran memtest and found two of my sticks were faulty, removed them and thought the problem would be solved. It didnt. So now I am worried it may be my graphics card or something. The BSOD happen at random times, while surfing the internet, on startup, shut down, or playing games. I have been getting 7e, 1e, 3b BSODs.

Windows 7 64 bit
8 gb ram DDR3 1600
AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4 GHz
MA479XTD Evo Asus motherboard
ATI Radeon 5770 GFX x2
500GB HD

Thanks for all your help.
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More about bsod please
  1. Did you run memtest on the remaining sticks of memory to make sure they aren't bad too? Also, it's sometimes best to run memtest on 1 stick of memory at a time and do at least 3 passes on each stick.
  2. Run chkdsk next imo
  3. thank you for the replies!

    Noob Q here.....Can i run windows on one stick though? (2GB)..doesnt 64 bit need 4+?

    I ran memtest on the 2 sticks, 4GB total, seperately. So 4gb once then 4bg the next time.
  4. Memtest86 runs outside of windows. You'll have performance problems running windows 7 on 1 gig, but you don't need to run windows on 1 gig. Just put the memory back in after running memtest. Odds are if it passed with the two sticks in, they will pass individually. You can try a chkdsk like mdsiu said.
  5. oh thanks guys.

    I ran memtest and found no errors on these sticks.

    Ran Chkdsk and it seemed to work. I watched it run and it ran successfully, i think. It did not give me a prompt when I got to windows, so i assume that means it worked?

    also, I have this random issue. Sometimes when I start my PC, it wont activate the monitor. I have tried a couple of monitors and when it rains it pours. Seems to come in bunches. Any thoughts on that?

    thanks again for all your help.
  6. You should see the results of the chkdsk in the event viewer. As for the monitor, have you updated the video driver?
  7. ok, If I go to device manager and update the drivers it says they are up to date.
  8. It sounds like the video card is not initializing, possibly on it's way out, or the video driver is failing to load or initialize properly. Is there anything that looks relevent in the event viewer when this happens?
  9. in event viewer there is 1 critical error that occured in the last hour, but im not sure if that is what it is. it says

    Event: ID 41
    Source: Kernal-Power
    Log: System
  10. Event 41 is because you didn't shut down properly.

    The kernel power Event ID: 41 error is generated under different scenarios where the computer is shut down or restarts unexpectedly. When the computer that is running Windows is started, a check is performed to determine whether the computer was cleanly shut down. If the computer was not shut down correctly, a Kernel Power Event 41 message is generated. In the following three scenarios, an Event 41 may be generated.

    I meant video related errors. Maybe it thought it was in sleep mode or something.
  11. I dont see anything.
  12. Try using blue screen view to see if it helps pinpoint what is causing it to happen.
  13. It seems the only event that gets listed when the BSOD occurs, is the Kernal-Power event 41....

    This is entirely annoying.
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