Should a CPU break after a 1 MHz increase, can it be RMA'ed?

As the title says, if a processor, such as the i7 2600k, is bricked after the clock rate has been increased by 1 MHz despite running under 50 C, can it still be RMA'ed even though the manufacturer stated that it will not accept overclocked CPUs?
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  1. Most likley you wont get i rma. since you overclocked it. but if you can get it back to stock and then send it back you can most likley get ir rma'ed

    but it must hawe bin a defect cpu annyways since it broke after 1mhz overclock wery wierd i think
  2. instead of overclocking you can assume that turbo have done that and can try to claim
    because their is no cpu that can not survive a 1mhz increase, this cpu is a defective one (from beginning)
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