What is better, Raid 0 or Drive Xpert?

I have just upgraded to a P5Q Pro mobo and q8200 cpu with 4gb of ddr2.

I have now picked up two OCZ Vortex 30GB drives pretty cheap that im going to use for Win 7 64bit.

The mobo manual says about Drive Xpert for increased performance so i was unsure what would be the best to use, raid 0 with the onboard controller or the drive xpert?

i also have a 1.5tb drive connected to the board too.

Im not sure how good the built in functions will be so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Drive Xpert isn't faster than the ICH. Using RAID 0 means that TRIM won't work and you'll eventually end up with slower drives.
  2. im stuck with raid 0 because the drives are only 30gb each. unless i use one for windows and one for all my programs. would that be quicker? might be a swine to create an image for though..
  3. All I know is that not using TRIM eventually causes significant performance degradation and you can't run manual TRIM if the drives are in RAID.
  4. i should be able to get around it by formatting and using a drive image to restore it every now and then. hopefully an updated bios will bring trim support to raid at some point..
  5. That solution should work.
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