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hello, OK I want to Flash my BIOS
I have a Asus P5Q Turbo. The asus manual says i have to download and install the "asus bios utility" and only gives instructions how to flash it using this tool. the problem is, the tool they have on the website for win-7 64bit isnt compatible with win-7 64bit. how silly is that? is there a way to update the bios a diffrent way? What is the conventional way to flash a bios? do i burn it to a disk or flash drive and boot from cd/dvd or what? The reason i want to update it is because the new BIOS features the 64bit version of the express gate, and has enhanced memory controllers as well as im hoping my audio will quit acting up. I can also get the ORIGINAL bios from the website. should i download that and save it just in case the new flash doesn't take?
thanks in advance

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    All you have to do is download and extract the bios if it is in zip form then copy it onto a flash drive or a disk. The P5Q boards have a EZ Flash option when the computer posts When you see the blue ASUS screen when you turn the computer on I think it is alt-F4 and its starts the EZ flash in bios then it will ask what disk just find it on the disk or flash drive and let it do the rest.

    Edit its ALT F2 not F4
  2. Sorry its Alt F2 not F4 I just checked.
  3. so it will for sure work with a DVD or CD i dont need to use a Flash Drive for sure?
  4. yes it will work on a CD or DVD it will open up an explorer type view of your hard drives and disks just pick the drive its on and your good. This is all in your motherboard manual if you have lost it you can downlaod a PDF version of your manual and you can read how to do this under the Bios chapter. I have a P5Q and it works for me just like i described.
  5. ok here goes nothing, i got the new v. and the old v. on 2 seperate cd's
    lets hope she works good.
  6. UPDATE - Successful Bios Flash. Thanks for the help SAAIELLO I really appreciated it!

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  8. Your Welcome.
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