Ok so I've never built a computer before, and I'm looking at building a good gaming computer
My main thing, is I want the new 6 core i7 980x as well as the Radeon HD5970 my confusion is, what motherboards will support these, and of the ones available what is best in terms of, helping me over clocking the process and video card and i also need a motherboard that is reliable, and if the company has great customer support, also a major plus. I was just hoping to get some recommendations from here, thank you.
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  1. I have an EVGA motherboard, and my experience with EVGA is that not only do they have great products, but also, their customer/tech support is superb! Highly recommended. Check their website for products and compatibility - if you have a product related question, give them a call.

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  2. I don't mean to discourage you if you truly want an i7-980X, but if you honestly want to build a good gaming computer, then you don't need it. Wanting it is one thing, but needing it is another.

    The i7-980X is not a gaming CPU, it's a productivity CPU, designed to further reduce the processing time of multi-threaded productivity and design software. Most games don't even make use of 4 cores, let alone 4 cores that support hyper-threading, translating into 8 "logical" cores. For those that do, a quad-core with HT is plenty of CPU.

    I see it as a waste of money when it comes to building a gaming rig because an i7-920 or 930 will give you all the processing prowess an Intel-based system needs for gaming, and they cost ~$900 less. If you're fortunate enough that money is no object to you within the current economy, then by all means, waste it away...

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  3. Actually, for gaming, a better idea would be to combine an i5-750 with the most powerful graphics card you can afford.
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