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Hello, HELP!!! please.
I wrote before asking how to open .dbx files which arose from my trying to save Outlook Express emails. Something I have done (before I gave up on the emails and deleted the 'archive' folder I created full of .dbx files) seems to have converted many Word files on my laptop - which must run into many hundred as my laptop is mainly a word processing device for me - into Wordpad files. I didn't realise that the Icon change was significant at the time and now cannot recall what I did, other than I selected something somewhere to try and associate the .dbx files with a programme that would open them.
I would be eternally grateful for some help as my new laptop arrives tomorrow and I have got to get the Word files back as they were.
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  1. Just re-associate .doc files with Word. Do this:

    In the Explorer, find a .doc file.
    Right click on the file, choose Open With and then Choose Program.
    Check the box that says Always use this selected program to open this kind of file.
    Select Microsoft Word.
    Hit OK.

    That should be it!
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