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Help overclocking the q9550

I plan on ocing my q9550 Intel Processor. The factory settings are 2.8 Ghz and i want to oc it to 3.4 Ghz. I read the toms hardware guide and i think i was ocing my cpu correctly. What happens is after saving changes and exiting nothing happens the computer is on. I turn i off manually then reboot and when i press the power button the fan was roaring untill you turn it off again(guessing its unstable so i reset the bios). I have DDR2 memory and the bios says its 800 Mhz. My Psu is 750 W. The computer i have is a dell XPS 630 (research it to find the bios im using). First i turn off SpeedStep and C1E under CPU feature. Then i go to Overclock Configuration and set the memory clock mode to unlinked. I set my FBS to 1600 Mhz (1333 Mhz factory) and the DRAM to 800 Mhz (800 Mhz factory). The 1600 Mhz FBS will make my cpu speed 3.4 Ghz. Under Over-voltage Configuration i leave everything on auto for first time. I dont know why it does not work. I even lowered my fbs to 1412 Mhz. It still did not work. Please i need help im new to this thx.
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  1. help anyone?
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    you cannot overclock a oem build computer,

    if you can then
    increase fsb then increase it 1 point at a time
    and use these timings for ram (6-6-6-18-24), and speed of ram at 533mhz or 667 mhz

    to try overclocking try these softwares if you can overclock your cpu or not
    cpufsb, clockgen, cputweaker, occt (for stability),
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