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hi folks
i recently bought a used celeron D to keep as a test processor for 775 boards.
i have no reason to believe that it is (was!) faulty. however, i chose a P45 asus board to test it on. didn't do my homework first!!!
the chip is of course not supported by the board and didn't work. in using it, have i blown the board?
i have since re-installed a 540J from another rig; one i used to test
the board in the first place...that doesn't now work either.
the difference between the results however, is that with the 540
mounted the fan continues to run; having rebooted first.
the power light on the board (p5q pro) is still working. i have removed
the cmos battery to reset the system, swapped out all other hardware. what's the verdict?
thanx for any input
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  1. No. You may have another problem. Try a bare post on a phonebook outside of the case. You may have to remove the power supply for the cables to reach. Use just one stick of ram, video, cpu/heatsink, and keyboard. No optical or hardrives. Your goal is to see the post screen, and enter the bios using the "f" key on the post screen. Set the boot order to cd>hardrive, save and exit. Then you can finish mounting the board in the case. Also be sure you don't have any wires or case standoffs under board circuitry when you mount the board. Also reseat the ram; many folks don't install the ram fully; I listen for two clicks as the lock down brackets close on each side.
  2. Possibly, but doubtful. Boards can be killed by putting in a CPU that demands more power than the board can provide, but it shouldn't die if you put in a CPU that runs at a slower bus than the board suports. If it doesn't support the old CPU it's usually because the Northbridge can't run FSB that slow and the CPU can't operate at the minimum FSB of the board.

    Anyway, take o1die's suggestions and see what happens.
  3. hi and thanx to both for your help and suggestions. apart from using a pair of 1gig DHX corsair sticks instead of one, i am currently benching the board as suggested; i have only had it for a couple of weeks and it has not been put in a case yet. i have had to put it to one side for the moment as i am in the middle of an upgrade. i'll do everthing again asap and get back with results. just one thing; if the power light on the board is burning brightly, what does that actually prove if anything?
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