NAS with Linux software RAID?

I was using an aged fanless PIII Coppermine box for my storage needs.
Two SATA 1Tb disks were attached as a software RAID1 (mirror) on Linux.
Today the system failed (air access to the system got blocked and mb/processor died).
Question: are there NASes available that are capable of doing the same Linux software RAID (mdadm) as a standalone Linux box?
So that I could just put the disks from the old box to the NAS without getting into any configuration, repartitioning, formatting troubles.
I don't care about performance, I only care about data safety and Linux software RAID compatibility (no RAID chips).

Also, maybe getting a fanless Atom-integrated motherboard and putting it into some box would be cheaper (m/b with Atom is about 100$) and less trouble?

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  1. ohime said:

    thanks for the link
    my box that failed was almost the same as the one they describe there, and I don't want it anymore
    what I'm looking for is a smaller size and fanless solution
    something that has two sata ports, ethernet and normal Linux with mdadm, and no fans :)
    getting a mini-ITX m/b and putting it into some box will be fine, but it will require a power supply unit that is bigger than the system itself
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