First time overclocker needing advice

I built my first computer about 2 months ago. One of my mates said that I should try overclocking my CPU and I thought that sounded pretty good.My specs are a follows:
MoBo-asus m5a78l-m lx
CPU-Amd Phenom II x6 1055t 95w @ stock 2.8 Ghz
4gb Corsair 1333 ddr3 ram
powercolor 6850 1gb gddr5
Antec 450w PSU

Currently I have a stock AMD cooler so I understand I will need to get a better one. My budget is somewhere around £35 (thats about $55). Could anybody suggest a decent cooler for my budget.
Also because I have the 95w 1055t will that affect how I overclock in any way.
I assume that once I have a decent cooler installed I can just look up an overclocking guide and start from there.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. it is a nice setup that can run anything

    before any advice
    Q. why you want to overclock?

    if you want it only for fun , then advice is do not do this, it may spoil your rig and may result into a cycle of trouble
  2. aaah ok then I probably won't bother overclocking. I may still get a better cooler though just to keep my temps down a bit. Can't decide whether I should get a better or upgrade to 8gb of ram.
    To be honest I only wanted to overclock just to show off :P so I probably won't overclock until some really cpu intesive games come out.
    What do you think, better cooler or 8 gb of ram?
    Thanks for your help.
  3. actually their is no need to upgrade neither ram nor cooler.

    if you are using a 32bit window then 4gb ram is the max that a 32bit window can support
    if you have a 64bit window then you can upgrade but is not needed as their is no game that can utilize more than 4 gb

    and use hwinfo32 to check your temperatures, if they are passing or near to 60'C then you can consider a cooler upgrade like Noctua nh-d14 (best) or coolermaster 212 (cheap)

    a better upgrade will be a ssd (solid state drive)
  4. I downloaded this hwinfo program and my CPU temps are around 25C which I understand is very cold. One thing I did notice in this program is that it says my ram is clocked at 666Mhz when it should be 1333Mhz. Is there a way I can fix this.
    Also what are the benefits of having an SSD. Are they expensive (I am only 15 so I can't spend a lot of money).
  5. it is right
    true clock is 666.6x2=1333
    it is due to it is ddr (3) ram means actual speed is double of that which you are seeing

    you can check it in bios, as bios shows full speed
  6. Aaah thankyou. What are the advantages of having an SSD? Are they worth the price?
  7. having a ssd will make loading of every software or os ( on ssd) faster and thus saves loading time

    if you are happy with your current loading times then no need of ssd

    (Note - do not use page file on a ssd, it will decrease ssd's lifespan)

    (you can use a 64gb ssd for operating system and it will reduce your boot time to 10-20 seconds and other software loading times too ( around half or less of original loading time)
  8. I'm actually perfectly happy with my loading times at the minute so I guess there is no point in getting one right now. At the moment my computer boots up very quickly (easily less than one minute), and to be honest I tend to turn on the computer and do something else till it boots up.
    Thanks very much for your help!
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