100% new to custum builds looking to make a gaming computer plz help

Hello all I have been using Emachine Desk top/HP laptop for Playing World of Warcraft for about 3 1/2-4 years now. I have saved up about $1000-1500 for my build but have no clue where to start or how to do it. Some buddys of mine have done it and put about the same amount into it and i just wanted to what whats the 1st thing i should start with/look for. Ne thing will help like i sayed new to the whole thing so ill pay happy to read ne thing:)
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  1. start with the advice link to make a new post. To get yourself started on parts, just going by your budget, you would probably be happy with an i5 build that might actually come in under budget, or an i7 860 if you are looking at the high side of your budget. A Phenom II X4 would be an excellent build also if you prefer AMD.
  2. go for amd phenom II x4...3.4ghz if u can.
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    I have been studying for about 6 months in preperation for my first pc build.. I will tell you what i have decided on so far and i think its pretty much nailed down.. This is a desktop pc primarily for high end gaming benchmarks.. And will come in around 3000 dollars but that includes my lcd monitor 400 and high end keyboard, mouse, headset.. so around 2000 canadian ... For:

    Motherboard- Rampage 2 extreme mobo (just cause i can) future overclock fun!
    Chipset - Intel i7 920 this is a very good processor with overclock potential lots of people have used it and the amount of data and resources available for troubleshooting is enormous.. This is an x58 1366 based setup that should allow you to upgrade to the 6 core cpu's in the future.

    On your budget you could find a lower priced MOBO and save a bit of cash but you wanna research those boards to find whats best for you..

    My graphics card is gonna be overkill the evga gtx 295 co op. you can save some money and get into a single gpu card . for around 200 to 300 that will be very good.
    everything hdd drives are all pretty even go with seagate baracuda 7200.12 or somthing similar. you will also need power supply and optical drive, and of course a tower. There are alot of options for heatsinks but for less than 60 bucks you can get into very good heatsinks for air cooling such as the zalman 9900 or a coolermaster v8 ect. This is all assuming you want a desktop pc thats worth the trouble . My main goal is to get pc build experience and some overclocking experience under my belt mor for the build than anything. GOOD LUCK .. I say anything you buy will be better than a heroin addiction..
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