Got me a Radeon 5870 and for some reasons I dont know why but running RE5 fixed benchmark on this system

Abit ip-35 pro
q6600 @ 3.15Ghz
kingston 800mhz 1:1

with game configs

everything highest
with AA8X

I got only 53.3fps

with AA4X


Anybody assumes to know where the problem might be ?
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  1. BTW during benchmark at lower bar it shows my cpu clocked at 2.4GHZ ,dont know why !
  2. when running the benchmark it shows CPU original clock speed rather than OC value. i think it only reporting what cpu you have and not your actual cpu status running at certain speed. did you turn on the v-sync option? if yes that might what limiting your frame rate. but i also heard some people with ati card have lower FPS when playing RE 5 but i'm not sure why though
  3. no. V-sync is/was off
  4. did you play in dx10 mode? if so try dx9 mode and see what happen
  5. Yeah it was dx10 im gonna try dx9 now
  6. don't worry though. there is no difference between dx9 and dx10 in RE5. if i'm not mistaken the dx10 only needed for nvidia 3d vision :D
  7. dx 9 with above settings AA8X = 62.2fps
  8. is that your max FPS or average?
  9. I guess average ,its the score that you get at the end of the testing BTW I got a "B" score ,was really hopping to get an A.Damn its just my luck sometimes
  10. then the other ugly truth is I paid about $600 if converted
  11. i think it is more driver related which affected the performance. btw have you read this before?,review-31677.html
  12. Wow that is depressing (lol) a 4870 scores the same as me. Drivers that I have currently installed are the latest from Ati with date 10/13/2009 ,BTW during installation got an error something like "ati catalyst install manager install package failure" ,strangely just ignored the message and the installation was complete also looking at the "view log" shows everything was a "success"
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