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Hi, I have a 915P/G combo motherboard which I just did an install of
Windows 7 and it did not load the PCI Serial Port driver. Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction?
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  1. The PCI serial card is an add-on. Go to the manufacturer's site for the Windows 7 drivers.
  2. PCI serial port is onboard and I have been to there web site with no luck. Thanks
  3. Are Windows 7 drivers available? If it's on-board, then you don't really need to specify that it's PCI. On the other hand, drivers usually are not required for a serial port unless your motherboard doesn't a standard 16550 chip or equivalent.
  4. Ok here is the deal, I purchased this motherboard (MSI 915P/G combo) w/prescot P3.4 new a few years back, I have the install disks for it but only have drivers for Window XP. I did an online check with Microsoft updater and it only had an issue with the modem so I did and up grade to Win 7, it is now asking for the disk for the PCI Serial Port and it does not like the driver that I have on disk. I have been to MSI's web site and there are not any drivers there. I did a fresh install of xp today and again did the online check to upgrade to vista and found only an issue with the modem so once again I did the upgrade just to find out that it still is not loading the pci serial port drivers and not taken the one from the disk I have. Thus I am asking if anyone has the board and has done an upgrade to vista or win 7 can point me to the driver or how they worked around this. If you need anymore info on the board please let me know, this is a pretty fast setup and I really dont want to have to buy another board and chip but I do want to get to win 7. Thanks
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