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First time posting here.

Just looking for some advice/opinions on what people think of the below specs i have, taken from 'Umart' online Australian computer store.

Looking to build a system on a fairly tight budget, no more then $750. The system will be mainly used for rendering applications (3DSMAX, MAYA), camera track solving, some video encoding and some gaming here and there.

Im worried about any bottle necks that may exist between the ram, FSB, CPU and Graphics card. So balance is important. Also not sure if the power supply would go well with the case. Does POV make decent Gcards? Overclocking is something i would be looking into, not right away though.

Please any advice/opinions would be appreciated.

KingMax DDR2 4G(2x2G)PC8500 1066Mhz $88.00
Antec 550W Basiq ATX Power Supply $94.00
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L P45+ICH10 FSB1600 DDR2 1366+ SATA2 GbN ATX $120.00
Western Digital 160G SATAII 7200 rpm HDD $48.00
CoolerMaster Gladiator RC600 NO PSU $88.00
Intel CORE2QUAD Q8400/2.66GHz/4MB/1333FSB/LGA775/QUAD CORE $209.00
POV GTS250 1GB, 740/2000MHz $139.00
Total $786.00
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  1. You can see my advice here.
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