Is my PC good enough to run Geforce 9800?

My PC was built in late 2007 and my previous video card was the Geforce 8500, which died this month. My specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2
Topower 520W power supply

So is this setup good enough to run Geforce 9800 or do I need further upgrades? And do I need one head or both to connect the video card's 6-pin connector to the power supply?
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  1. Any help?
  2. not sure how good your psu but 9800GT need minimum 400w psu and 2 6 pin pci-e power connector. your cpu should be ok
  3. Hello, What speed is your X2? Also your PSU is plenty. I've ran a 8800GT 512 off a Thermaltake 500W pure power(Two 12V rails, one 14A, the other 15A), and I'm running it just fine with even a 4870 1GB, so you PSU should be good. I would upgrade to 3~4GB of RAM since that will make a noticeable improvement.

    Edit* Also, there is no 9800GT I know of that needs 2 PCI power connectors. In fact, I recently installed one in a customers computer without any power connector's on it at all. ala a 'green' version.
  4. i think you will be fine with that video card. although like ^ said you might be limited depending on the actual speed of your dual core. best of luck.
  5. your ram will deffinetly bottlneck your overall performance, but other than that your PSU should be fine, if you dont have 6 pin connectors on your PSU you should be able to get some 6pin to molex converters cheap (they normally come with the graphics card)
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