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  1. I like the propus 620: newegg has it with a gigabyte 785 board for $165; I got one with biostar board for $100 less at frys about one month ago, but you'll never see that price again.
  2. Anonymous said:
    Hi, I'm new at Tom's Hardware community. My name's Tom too haha. Never mind about that,

    I'm 17 years old, have a part-time job. I love to mod Crysis. But I like to play other next gen games. I'm getting tired of my old computer and have decided to buy new and better parts. I would wanted a new video card but it wasn't easy because my motherboard is an ancient. I needed a new motherboard.
    When I went to see to search for computer componets. After reading most of reviews, I felt that it was pretty hard to find an excellent budget motherboard that accepts excellent CPU. Most of great motherboard I found are are too costly for my budget.

    I found a few great motherboards but it requires DDR3 memory sticks. DDR3 sticks costs me more than motherboard itself. (I already have 4 gigabyte DDR2.)

    I came here because I thought you guys would help me find the right ones for my budget range.

    System I already have
    -Geforce 8800 GTS
    -AM2 Motherboard (Upgradable to AM3 but it cannot support 75% of high end processors)
    -4 Gigabyte DDR2 (DDR2 800 I believe)
    -650 Watts Powersupply

    My requirements
    -Near-High End QuadCore CPU such as AMD Phenom X4 or Intel i5 or i7 (Provide me CPU name with motherboard too)
    -Support many Nvidia GPU even new GF480
    -low budget as possible
    -please, no DDR3. I dont want to buy 100 buck for 4 gigabyte ddr3. (If its absolutely necessary to get ddr3, provide me cheap and great one.)
    -I aim it to be around $250 dollar, $400 dollars maximum.

    The link I posted above is a really nice motherboard and a good cost I bought it for my new PC I have.
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