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I have a Hyper 212+ also with 5 case fans cooling down my CPU. It's currently at 4.2 GHz (I can't change the voltage in the MSI G43 mobo). It's idle temps straight from the uefi menu is about 40 degrees Celcius. The motherboard temperature is half of that. Anyone know why?
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  1. Depend to the case cooling. If you have 3 fans for intake and 2 for outake is not good. Leave the two fans from the front and the rear and top fan. if you do this the intake is equal with outake. If you have 3 fans for intake and 2 outake fans,those 2 fans can't pull out all the hot air from your case ( 3fans) and then a lot of hot hair remain in the case.
  2. In bios the cpu is in full load state so will be hotter, in windows it can go into idle state and will have lower temps closer to mobo temps. You do not want neutral air pressure, you either want positive (more intake) or negative (more exhaust). What are your load temps, that is what's important.
  3. I have 2 120mm front intake fans, 2 140mm rear exhaust fans, and 1 120mm side intake fan for giving air to my psu and my gpu. My case is the antec 300.
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