Questions about the benefits of overclocking in a specific build

I'm thinking through a system I want to put together (for primarily gaming - skyrim, bf3, etc) and I've determined to go either 560 ti SLI or 570 SLI for the GPU.

Here are my questions:
1) If I used a 2500k for the CPU, and overclocked to say 4-4.5, would this appreciably improve gaming performance from the default CPU speed? If so, by approximately how much?
2) the 2500k seems to be a popular CPU for gaming, but with either 560ti SLI or 570 SLI, would choosing a cheaper CPU (2400, 2300, X4 975, some of these new AMD A8s) significantly decrease gaming performance?

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  1. 1.Yes you will get more Fps but i cant really tell how much it will be noticeble tho
    2.changing to a AMD 9xx series will be a fps lost of about 10 fps its diffrent from game to game. And a 2400 should be 3 fps loss
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