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Booting through Raid controller and SSDs

Last response: in Storage
August 8, 2011 5:27:39 AM

Hey guys,

Firstly I'll just say that I'm not entirely sure where the problem is with my system so if its not a storage problem then I would be happy to move myself to another part of the forums.

Anyway, I recently installed 2x OCZ Agility 3 60gb SSDs in RAID0 through a Skymaster PCI-e SATA III card. I booted up my computer from my old velociraptor and made sure that everything was fine: it was, both drives where appearing as one 111gb volume formated to NTFS: wonderful.

Now, the problem occured when I tried to install windows on that array, I unplugged all my other hdds (a habit since I accidentally formated a drive with 1.6TB of music last year TT) and I went ahead and installed windows, the array appeared in the installation and I got as far as having my computer restart for the first time, after restart my computer sat on a "Press any key to boot from CD....." message and did nothing.

So, I installed again. Same thing.

So I booted into windows with my old HDD and installed windows from a booted computer to my 2 SSDs and now I can get to a screen which offers me boot options of Windows 7, Windows 7 (Roll Back) and Windows 7. If I select the first windows 7 my screen goes black and my computer does nothing, if I select the second Windows 7 (NOT the roll back) my computer boots and I got an error the first time saying that windows could not be installed properly and stupidly I forgot to write this down and it doesn't appear anymore.

If it is relevent I am using a eVGA X58 Classified mother board, im not sure what BIOS version I am using but I have selected my RAID controller as my first boot device after CD Drive (The card, not the on board) and I have made sure that every setting I can see points towards booting properly but I simply cannot get it to work.

Any help would be much appreciated.

August 12, 2011 9:44:48 AM

check if the bios is configured right; check the bootsettings(first raid), check for any setting that specifies that your drives are configured as raid(and not as ide)