Possible static discharge while computer on?

Ok, so I was going to change the CPU setting of my H100, so I opened the side panel while the PC was running.

I touched the case before I opened it, twice, and went to change the setting of the H100.

Then there was a very definite ESD from my hands, and it felt like it was aimed at one of the GPUs. I didn't actually touch any component, the potential difference must have been very large because I was about 3 inches away from the GPUs or any other part.

Everything is running fine still, but I am wondering if i could have possibly damaged something? I have never had this happen to me in my life, or maybe it was p.d. between me and the case?
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  1. Well whats done is done, and it still runs so I wouldn't worry. As I doubt you can return these things because you accidently might have ESD it and it still runs. Though if your still worried stress test it like there is no tommrow to confirm everything is still in perfect working order.
  2. And to make sure this doesent happen in the future touch you psu while it pluged.
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