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Hi,i have just built my bro a pc,and ive installed the mouse,a Razer Lachesis Banshee but the cursor keeps moving to the top of the screen by its self,it take a dogs age to click on anything,i have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers a number of time but still the problem remains.Can anyone help with this please.
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  1. Have you tried another mouse? This could be an issue with your computer itself, not your Razer.
  2. Yes i have tried another mouse but it was a old one,it has one of those purple pin connector on it.Someone said to me that it could be the mouse mat,but thats also a Razer.
  3. Ah, a PS/2 mouse you mean. I suggest you really try to borrow a USB mouse. Testing another mouse will help you determine if it's really your computer that's a problem or a mouse, helping you find out which you have to fix or return.
  4. Ok,thank you for your reply,ill try another usb mouse,that would make more sense tbh lol
  5. Problem solved,it ended up being a faulty mouse,even tho its new the shop where i got it from was unable to update the firmware,so got a replacement and it works a treat.
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