9800gx2 sli no signal to monitor

Alright so my computer specs are; EVGA 790i FTW motherboard, intel quad q9550 with dual Evga 9800Gx2 in sli and a 750 watt sli compatible power source. The computer has been running fine since I purchased it with no noticeable issues, today the power was shut off in the house and upon reboot of the computer the monitor automatically switches to DVI power saving mode and a black screen. I tried with an alternate monitor and alternate cables and still nothing. Both monitors worked hooked up to another computer. I tried unhooking everything and letting it sit and then rebooting in various different ways still to no avail. The computer starts up just fine with all the light coming on the fans running and the beep but still nothing on the screen. I've tried searching for the answer to this but most threads are in regards to set ups that have not been running. This computer has been running just fine until now. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. the 1st thing you want to check is the machine is POSTing okay.

    the motherboard in question comes with a POST display read out. it looks like a 2 digit digital display in the lower right hand corner of the MB, this is called the DEBUG LED.

    on page 78~ish of your manual it will give you a list of all the codes. match up the code you get and asses if the machine is booting and if not at which state it fails.

    once you know that post back.


    just plug in another graphics card, maybe one from the other pc you used.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply, so I checked the manual and booted it up and a number of codes appear very fast and the one that stays on is FF which in the manual just states boot. I don't actually have another graphics card that is compatible to try it with though.
  3. in that case i would attempt to RMA the card to EGVA and live with out the pc for a few weeks. its hard to diagnose a problem with a lack of indication to what might have caused it.

    good luck with it.
  4. hang on,

    you have two GX2s? have you tried each one independently?

    try different pci ports.

    just had to replace a power supply and motherboard for a friend because of a power surge. make sure your whole pc is hooked up to a surge protected socket at the wall. a few £££ or $$$ can make a huge difference in the world of power.
  5. Alright so I tried hooking up a vga cord with adaptors on it instead of the dvi and that worked enabling me to boot the computer. I then changed back to dvi and now it works fine. The only thing different is now it uses a different dvi port than before. Everything seems to be fine though. Thanks for your help Dougie
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