Gigabyte z68, can't change volt without problems... mobo defect ?

Hey guys !

Please be a bit patient, not from a english speaking country :) Since i think my new mobo is bad, but its about overclocking i'll post here...

First off i'm no pro with overclocking, but have been around the block. Had a 4,5ghz+ e8600, done some 5ghz+ 2500k and so on... but i have a problem i can't figure out and haven't really gotten any help yet. So i'm hoping i'll get it there !

Mobo is a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P, with a 2500k. After trying different stuff for over 20 hours now i'm a bit pissed/sad. If i go in the bios and try to change ANY off the voltage settings the computer just restarts (like it should) and when it boots up it doesn't keep the voltage settings. Its always back to auto... All other settings stay like they should so its not the battery i think, and i tried with different rams, different hdd and less ram/hdd/fans/gpu and so to see if its the psu... no difference.

The only way i can overclock it is by letting the voltage on everything stay on auto and bump the intel turbo function up to 45 so i have 4,5ghz... but still with that it only boots like it should some times, and i did a 4 hour prime and its stable as hell. The temp are also great since i'm running a big watercooled "rig".

I'm baffled by this. i have a mate i just bought and put together almost the same pc, just with p67 gigabyte mobo... It took me 5 min to get almost 5ghz i'm pretty sure i'm doing things correctly.

When i try to change voltage the bios like i mentions just rests the settings, but only the voltage... Say if i put on 4ghz, disable all the powersaving stuff like c3/c6 and put voltage on cpu to 1,4v. When i restart then the ghz is 4 like it should, all the settings are like i put them and working but voltage is back to auto...even tho it still says i adjusted it to 1,4v... lol. So it feels like almost all the voltage settings is read-only... I know that thats not the case, but it easier to explain that way. I have tried everything now, 3 different bios drivers, and so on... please help me ! It really would be appreciated !

Edit: i also get "Computer reset due to overclock or voltage"-something message when i restart after changing the voltage + also get "waiting for ME ready..." some times...

Have a good day from Ottesen in Norway :)
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  1. bump...
  2. SOLVED !

    Bad mobo, changed to a asus saberthoot and its all good now :)
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