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Hey there, im new here but I've heard alot of good things about this website.

Ok so I have a dell optiplex GX270, i had bought it off craigslist a few years back, and its been a pretty good system so far, 2 gigs of ram, and an ati x1600.

Im tired of having this ugly case sit halfway open because of the big gpu, so anyway to get to the point, is it possible to move all the parts in this to a regular tower?

I would of course have to buy a new power supply seeing that the one in it is unique to this case, but I've heard alot of mixed things while i was googling this question.

Thanks ahead of time,
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  1. Why not get a low profile video card? Newegg has a Jaton 3DForce fx5200tv card for $35 plus shipping. It should be similar in performance to your old card; this is cheaper than buying a new case and ps.
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    All of your components will fit no problem into a standard mid size case with a new PSU. Your biggest issue is the Dell motherboard uses unique connectors for the front panel (pwr, reset... etc) and front USB connector ( ). You will need to be prepared / capable of slicing wires to make the new case connectors work, if it will even work.
  3. @o1die- I would but im a gamer, and low profile cards just cant play the games that i love unfortunately.

    @tecmo34- Oh i see, well thanks for the input. I'll do some research on it, im just glad to know that it will transfer to a new case with nearly no trouble, thanks.
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