Dell e6400 runing on 800mhz help pls!!

hi gays
i have dell latitude e6400 with c2d p8400 which should work on 2,26ghz. When i started cpu-z it showed
core speed: 798mhz
multiplier: x3 !!!
also this was shown when i started prime95. i was searching in the bios and i can not see where can i change this specifications. i need help, so if anyone can help me a will be grateful.
also i have the newest version of bios and bus spead is 266 mhz if anything of this help

sorry if there was any mistake. i am steal learning english
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  1. Does Windows system properties also show 798 MHz? If it really runs at 798 MHz, then it has to be rather unresponsive. If it still is under warranty, contact Dell support.
  2. I recently experienced this same issue. My processor would run at a constant 794MHz with a very high DCP latency. I contacted Dell support and after an hour of explaining the situation with a low level tech support person (who kept saying it was not a hardware issue but an issue with Win7 despite experiencing the same problem on Vista also) I asked for a supervisor. He agreed that it was a hardware issue and they fixed it in about 2 weeks (replaced the Motherboard, CPU, Heatsink, and Fan). Interestingly they left the BIOS at A17 instead of the newest A20 and came back with an Intel AMT/MEBx chip that it didn't leave with.

    It has been running extremely well ever since.
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