Ocz vertex 2 ssd repair

I have a problem with OCZ VERTEX 2 SSD 120GB.

BIOS, Windos system, linux system not detected this drive.
If connnet to USB, then under Windows 7 show unknown deviece (drive not
Your toolbox to firmware upgrade also not deteceted device.

Please help me, how i can repair this drive or recover very important data?

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  1. Once a Sandforce controller is panic locked as you describe?.. data is non-recoverable by the end user and an RMA is required. There is a company that has partnered up with Sandforce under an NDA to recover data. Pretty pricy though.

    You should go over to the OCZ forums to start the process and might even consider starting a thread to get more answers and troubleshooting info.
  2. Hello!
    I hope so, you don`t rights. May be is chence recover data. I will wait to solution for ocz tech support.
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