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I am goign to china for 1 year to study abroud my dad wont let me take my desktop but he said he would put down 2 dollars for every one i spend so whatever i get will be at 1/3 price to me. I was trying to find a laptops that is 15-17 inches with a good battery the 2.8 core 2 duo p9700 and the gtw 280m with 4-6 gigs of drr3 for the cheapest. Im having problems finding laptops that run the 280 without and i7 which i don't want. If you guys know of any laptops like this i would appreciate it if you could post a link or something. also i would like to run windows 7 64 bit i cant think of anythign else i really need in the system feel free to post something that is close to what i want. i personaly dont want to spend more than 600-700$ so the total cost cant be much over 2000 any ideas?
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  1. bump anyone been looking into laptops lately :?
  2. Try alienware.com
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