2x BFG GTX295 in 2-way SLi with MSI X58-Pro-E?

Hello and thank you in advance for helping me. I want to replace my Dell's Mini ATX MOBO with a standard ATX MOBO to go with my 900II ATX chassis. This Dell MOBO is restricting me from accomplishing many upgrades, such as SLi, OC, new cooler, etc. I am interested at the MSI ATX X58 Pro-E (LGA1366) to go with the i7-920 that I am running right now. What do you guys think about this MOBO? I am very interested in this one since it is standard ATX and carries certain specs like 6 RAM bays which I must have, 2-way SLi, and so forth. Is there a good reason why I shouldn't invest in this one. I will be purchasing this MOBO from Best Buy soon since I have a $200.00 credit from them. If you guys recommend someother MOBO from them, please let me know. Also, I have a BFG GTX295 running right now. Does this MOBO support quad if I decide to go with 2 GTX295 in 2-way SLi someday? I will sure appreciate any feedbacks regarding this before I make my purchase. Thanks again!
p.s. Which of the many versions of the Artic thermal compounds should I invest in?
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  1. Hello :) Please don't make 2 threads with one subject i deleted the another one :)

    Yes u will be fine with 2 GTX 295's,however take a look at Tomshardware review:,2368-9.html

    "MSI uses added documentation to visually improve a very basic installation kit. The X58 Pro-E Specifications page lists SLI support, but no SLI bridge is provided. A CrossFire bridge is provided but usually unneeded, since most CrossFire-capable graphics cards already include one."
    It's not very important but just wanted you to know it
  2. Thanks Maziar. This does seem to be a solid MOBO. Also, the review you hyperlinked helped a lot. I am not too worried about the SLi connector being not included in the set. The GTX295 hasn't droped yet, so the second one will not be purchased for a while. My BFG offers trade in for registered GPUs, but there is no trade in card as of now available for this massive GPU. If the Nvidia's GT300 releases a duel card similar to this, I just might trade up, if allowable, rather than invest in a second 295. We will see. Thanks again and if there is anyone else who want to put in their 2 cents, I sure appreciate it in advance.
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    If you did not already have that GTX295 i would tell you that the better option is simply using two ATi 5870's in Crossfire (better power efficency, better support in games that do not use crossfire/sli etc) - if you can sell your GTX295 then id do that and get the 5870's

    Also double check that your GTX295 supports adding another one and actually working in SLI because the newer GTX295's have a different PCB and design so check that what your getting will mix etc.

    As for MSI - i dont like there products in general.
  4. I agree with apache, msi products imo are second rate, strictly gigabyte for me
  5. I see! The 5870 is a massive and powerful single card. Not only that, it almost competes with my 295. Two of these would of been a better option for my rig. However, selling the card is not the best option for me here. My 295 is 2-way SLi compatible, capable of running quad, as long as I get the same exact card with the same PCB/retail part # from BFG. I don't have a problem with ATI, its just I always went with Nvidia. While the 5870 is the fastest single card available and a great value, we don't know what the GPU market will bring tomarrow. There are rumers that Nvidia's GT300, still under development, will release a single card that will sweep the floor with the 5870 (similar to the 4890 vs GTX275-GTX285 era), making Nvidia the dominate performer by the end of this year, if not 1QT of 2010. Now I don't know any better, but in time, we shall see. I thank you for your honest opinion, but I just have to wait to see what Nvidia will bring in the market, once they get up of their lazzy asses, and than compare, decide, and purchase. Trade up might not be a bad option either for me with BFG trade-up program.
    As for the MSI Pro-E, is there a good reason why you guys don't recommend this one? Is there any other MOBOs in the Best Buy's site that you would recommend for me (LGA1366)? I would like to use this $200 store credit if I can for the MOBO. Thanks again in advance for any additional help. You been great...
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