athlon II x4 620 + 2x5770 bottlenecked?

i was just wondering if the athlon II x4 620 will be bottlenecked with 2x 5770 GPUs?

or will it be wise to upgrade it from athlon II x2 240?

i currently have:
athlon II x2 240
ATI 5770 gpu

i am planning to go on xfire and wondering if the athlon II x4 620 can handle it..

suggestions and comments are welcome..

tnx in advance..
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    no, a 620 wont be bottlenecked by 2 5770. actually 2 5770 is = to a 5850. no a 5770x2 with a 620 would work very well together.
  2. At 2.6 ghz it definitely WILL bottleneck in some games at some resolutions. Thats why if price is a factor, people go for the higher clocked tri-core. That 620 definitely needs to be o/c some.
  3. huh... 2 5770 is a little bit worse than one 5850. i know this is just a post,but a quad core bottlenecking a decent video card?!

    it would help though to oc it to 3 GHz, which it can easily do.
  4. thanks for the reply guys really appreciate it.. its a big help..
  5. HD5770x2 is equivalent to HD5870 and not HD5850. Check this out:
  6. well where i found a benchmark, 2 5770s in crossfire loss to a 5850, but i trust you :D
  7. I just recently noticed that some newer engines do some software level post-processing for your graphics, but I can't see how increasing your GPU power could even get close to bottle-necking in the CPU.

    The only real thing that can bottle-neck any quad core CPU is an advanced physics engine. Screen setup is fairly cheap and telling the GPU to render a higher res or AA doesn't add any more work to the CPU
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