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Hello, a friend has a Windows XP problem. Startup in Normal mode gets only so far, flashes BSOD and reboots. During POST it hits the menu offering various boot options but the keyboard does not respond so cannot choose "last known good copy'
Keyboard DOES work for entry to BIOS setup, but each change I make then goes back to POST menu with unresponsive keyboard.
I suspect that the CD drive is also not being detected, but cannot be certain.
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    You did not provide the make and model of the motherboard, so I cannot determine its age or its keyboard interfaces, so this is a shot in the dark:

    If you are using a USB keyboard, try using a PS2 keyboard.

    Once you are in the BIOS settings, make sure all the USB settings are Enabled.
  2. If the bios has a "legacy usb" setting, it needs enabled.
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  4. Thanks to both respondents. It was indeed the setting in the BIOS that I needed to change. She had previously had a PS2 keyboard and is now using a USB keyboard but the BIOS was not set to enable the USB during startup. Most of the time in Windows she was OK, it was only when we need to be able to choose a different boot option that we encountered the keyboard problem.

    Thanks again for your help
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