USB disconnecting and reconnecting by itself

Hey guys help me out here,

I am having issues with usb ports, basically they are disconnecting and reconnecting by itself at random times.
Also not always but many times, pc doesn't recognize my keyboard on boot.

BIOS update? or power issue maybe?
I have plenty of power for my computer though hm.

any suggestions would be appreciated thanks!
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  1. More info please.

    Full hardware list, OS, etc. See the troubleshooting guide in my sig.
  2. Asus M2N MX SE
    Athlon 64 X2 5200+
    2 gig ddr2 ram
    250 hdd
    hd 2600 pro
    lg dvd rw
    450W switching power supply

    Windows 7 32 bit
  3. hi
    I have the same problem
    my usb keyboard and mouse sometimes disconecting by itself
    i dont know what the problem???

    My PC:
    Athlon II 620
    2x2 GB ram
    2 HDD
    PSU Acbel 470W (420 W pure)
  4. All right first off:

    Does your computer sit on carpet?

    Is the area you are using your computer dry/ dusty?

    Why i'm asking this is because i've seen static shock kill ALL the USB ports on a computer and a simple - power off - unplug of everything (the wires) leave it for 5 minutes and plug it all back in fixed everything.

    Also is there any damage to the USB cables? I've come across USB cables that were slightly damaged giving a connecting/disconnecting problem.
  5. jahn6, are you having this issue with all your USB ports? Both the ones in the back of your case and the front/top/side ones?

    An old generic PSU that says 450W could be anything, and can be a problem... however the board would be the first suspect. M2N was a budget line from Asus that ended up in a lot of emachines and cheap HPs as I recall.

    You might want to try a BIOS reset.

    When you say PS doesn't recognize the KB on boot, do you mean during POST or after the OS starts loading? If it's hanging at post due to no KB, I would strongly suspect the motherboard first, and then perhaps the PSU.
  6. I had the same problem where my mouse and keyboard which were connected to USB port rather than PS2 port use to disconnect frequently for 6-7 seconds and then reconnect.(for over 4 months) and i lost all hope. In my case power was coming from Power socket to UPS, which was further supplying to SMPS. I read all similar forums and utilized every trick which i can deploy like changing power settings, disabling gestures, updating drivers, changing OS, new mouse/keyboard etc...
    Finally i changed SMPS, it did gave some hope for 1-2 days, But still issue not resolved. Suddenly an idea came to my mind of placing VOLTAGE STABILIZER to this whole unit....What i did: Placed Voltage Stabilizer in between UPS and Power socket. and of my surprise Issue got resolved. And it's been 2 months i haven't faced that issue and really happy to share the solution which could be applied by many users.
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