960T What's possible?

Hi Everyone,

Happy new year..

I have bought a 960t, upgrading from my old E2180. I unlocked all six cores and have OC'd to 3.8GHZ...

My cpu temp is 45 - 48 degrees, 55 under stress.

All this is on air!!

I keep looking at the Amd Overdrive to see what is possible, the multiplier will take it up to 6.6 ghz.. Anyone come anywhere near this with water etc.?

What can you actually get away with? My CPU is stable been on for 12Hrs and it's not struggling on a stock fan.

What's Possible?
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  1. Mine must be a POS because I easily reach 63-65 on prime95 after about 10-15min with the stock fan. Also are you going off of core temperatures or the CPU temperature?
  2. I'm going off CPU temp, I tried it @ 4.0 GHZ and it shot up to mid 50's over 60 in load / crashed when stress tested. It's knowing when to stop... Bet if I had a better fan etc, I could get it higher no probs.

    I use it for music production, so my DAW is using all six cores for compressors, instruments etc.

    Seems to be great at 3.8GHZ.

    In AMD overdrive it says core temp is 24C.

    BTW do you leave the side of the case off? I always do with a stock fan.
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