MSI 6870 Radeon OC

Hi all,
just builded my computer
would like to know if these OC are good/normal temperature.

MSI 6870 1gb:
stock core mhz: 920
OC core mhz: 965

Stock memory: 1050
OC memory: 1165

Fan Speed 60%
min temp: 30-35C
max temp: 56C

Used MSI Afterburner and latest cataclyst drivers.
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  1. Also used MSI Kombustor to stress the gpu.
    ran the test on 1920x1080 fullscreen,
    test preset: Extreme
  2. bump
  3. temps are fine.... not an issue there...
    surprising! though my sapphire is cooler on idle considering that beast
    cooler on the MSI.

    your core clock and memory will probably go a bit higher without stability issue...
  4. Those temps are perfectly fine. They are cooler than average for a card in that market segment.
  5. thanks for answering u 2
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