Need help, blue screen of death since hardware upgrade!?


I recently upgraded my MOBO CPU and RAM from AMD 64FX-62, 4GB Corsair 800mhz, Asus M2n32
INTEL i7, 16GB Vengance 1600mhz, Asus P8Z68 v lx
The hard drive is a HD501LJ and has the previous installation of XP still on it.
All of my DATA is on an external.
I tried a fresh install of XP once I installed all my new gear and it gets to setting up windows, the screen goes black, then I get blue screen.
The XP disc is genuine and the hard drive is visible in EFI BIOS.
What's going wrong?
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  1. Could be any of a number of things, I would first check that all the power and data cables are properly connected, check the BIOS RAM settings to make sure they match those on the stickers, and then boot to memtest86+ to test each stick of RAM, and then test them all together.

    Bad RAM or bad RAM settings cause a lot of BSODs
  2. This is something that we see frequently in the Storage forum.

    The installation of XP has drivers for the chipset on the motherboard, the hard drive, and other hardware. You have changed the hardware, and now these are the wrong drivers. You have to repair your installation to have the right low-level drivers.

    There are three options. In any case, back up your system drive first just in case.

    The first is to leave things as they are and boot to your XP installation disk. Choose a Repair install. Once XP starts, do updates at

    The second is to back up your OLD system (do you still have it?) to an external drive with a product like EASEUS ToDo backup, then boot to the backup utility and restore to the new one with the Restore to Dissimilar Hardware option. It will probably fix the drivers for you.

    The third is the mover tool that Microsoft provides. I haven't touched it in years; I may be wrong and it may not move the entire OS, just files, settings, and installed software other than the OS.

    Too much information here:
    Probably too little here:
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