Which motherboard to use with XPS 420 parts?

Hey there, I've decided to try and build a new PC using parts from an xps 420 dell I have (Core 2 quad, 3GB DDR2 Ram, ATI 2400). This is my first time building my own PC so I'm not too sure on what parts I'd need to purchase. Especially the motherboard, I had this one in mind


though I can't seem to find a place to purchase it. Does anyone know of another motherboard that's just as good?
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  1. 1. The X38 is old tech. Get a P45. Generally, I recommend the P45-UD3L.

    2. List full specs including PSU,etc.

    3. You will need:
    * A new motherboard
    * Possibly a retail copy of your OS as the OEM copy won't probably activate.
    * Will need a GPU
    * You may need a new PSU.
    * You will probably want a new case as well.

    4. All of these items mentioned can be bought here: http://www.newegg.com/
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