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A couple of days ago Windows XP Professional prompted me to change my password. I did. But when I tried to use it it said it was invalid. I could not get into my computer. I tried booting up in safe mode and used my old password and that worked just fine. But now everytime I turn on my computer I get a black and white screen asking me for a password. I guessed and put in a password that was one number off from my banking password and it worked (of course, I cancelled my online banking until this gets straightened out). I talked to a Microsoft tech who told me I might have user corruption. I created a new user account and tried to copy the files into it. Well I should have left well enough alone. Files were all deleted. I managed to get them back but I can't delete the new user account, can't get system restore to work, and my files are all over the place. Screen is blue in one user account and has a picture in the other. Both user accounts have the same icon as the administrator in safe mode--I find this odd. Please help me I don't know what to do. I won this computer in an essay contest where I volunteer don't know much about it except that it's a Dell with windows xp professional. I am on disability and deep in debt so I don't have money to have someone fix it. Please help me.
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  1. You remove the corrupted drive,
    You install the defect drive as a second drive, on a functional computer.
    I think the host computer should have professional antivirus installed and updated...
    You then drag your personal files from the damaged drive, using the operational computer.
    You can drag them onto a thumb drive, DVD or whatever and make your backup...
    You can scan the damaged drive with your antivirus before you make a backup.

    Then Re-Install and fully format the damaged drive in the original computer
    load your fresh operating system, new drivers, etc...
    restore your files from the backup
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