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Hi, I have Phenom II 945 TDP 95W installed in my PC and when running Sisoft Sandra "Performance vs. Power" benchmark, it says the processor Power is 166.71W. The worst result compared to all the referenced processors. But it shouldn't be. Don't you know, how the Processor(s) power in Sisoft Sandra is calculated? Thank you very much for your help. Jakub
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  1. There is no way a program to measure the power consumption as the cpu's do not have a sensor to do so. My best suggestion is, you shouldn't worry about it. as long as the cpu is not overheating, making Blue screen of dealths, ect. You'll have nothing to to worry about.

    If you are worried about power consumption, then make sure to enable Cool 'N' quiet (if it's disabled). This will lower you GHz and volts. This will equate to lower power consumption.

    Cool N quite will work when your not using the computer.
  2. Either use AMD's default Cool n Quiet or download K10Stat and configure it to your liking.

    I have been able to undervolt with it and create different profiles allowing great power savings and performance-on-demand.
  3. Thank you, Cool n Quiet is activated, and I have probably no problems with overheating, etc ... Just wander what that benchmark meant by that high "Processor power" parameter of my Phenom. If for example standard TDP was meant? But that should be 95W and not 166 ... Thanks, it is good to know that it was not measured on the processor :)
  4. And thanks for the K10Stat reference, I didn't know it yet.
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