Help, computer is all screwed up!

A couple of days ago Windows XP Professional prompted me to change my password. I did but when I tried to use it it says it's invalid. I could not get into my computer. I booted up in safe mode and put in the old password and it worked just fine. Except now when I turn on my computer I get a black and white screen prompting me for a password. I guessed and entered a password similar to my banking password and it worked (of course I immediately cancelled my on-line banking). I spoke to a tech who said i may have user corruption. I created a new user and tried to copy my files to it but I must have done something wrong. My files were all deleted. I managed to recover them but now they're all over the place and I can't delete the new user. I also can't get system restore to work either. Another odd thing is that my icon in windows login screen and the icon for the new user is the same as the icon for the administrator in safe mode. Help! I'm on disability and I can't afford to get a tech in here to fix it. Is there anything I can do?
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  1. i always say it is best to do a clean install when these things hapen or restore from a back up if you dont have one
    back up what files you can and clean install do a full system back up (paragon Free is a very good place to start) to a usb or disk put back your files then when this happens again it is not so hard to fix
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