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I logged onto this site as Roxi2012. I tried to log in again and forgot my password. when I went to my email to confirm that I lost my password and clicked on it i got a message saying "Bad URL". So I created a new account. A couple of days ago Windows XP professional prompted me to change my password and i did. However, I could not use it said invalid. Could not get into my computer. I booted up in safe mode and put in my old password and it worked. However, now when I turn on my computer I get a black and white screen prompting me for a password. I just guessed and put in a password that was one number off from my banking password and it worked. Of course, I cancelled my online banking. I talked to a tech and he said it could be user corruption. I tried to create a new user and transfer my files there but I must have done something wrong because all my files were deleted. I managed to recover them using an undelete program but know there all over the place and I have a blue screen and no icons on my desktop. I also cannot delete the new user. Another odd thing is that the icon for me and the new user is the same icon as the administrator in safe mode. Also, cannot get system restore to work. Help. Im on disability and don't have the money to get a tech in here to fix it. I won this computer in an essay contest where i volunteer don't know much about it except that's its an old dell desktop with windows xp professional on it. Is there anything I can do?
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  1. You need to ask a fiend who knows about computers to help you here, all this thing with the passwords shows that you need to take a quick lesson in PC use. This site, the Windows password, the BIOS password, the banking password, have nothing to do with each-other, you are probably just mixing everything up.
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