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Hi guys,

I'm actually fairly technically inclined and I just wanted to get your opinions on something. I do quite a bit of graphic design, video editing, and 3D rendering. My boss gave me a budget for a PC build for my personal office and he's letting me build the machine instead of getting one Pre-built. Based on my budget and the type of stuff I do (Heavily Multi-Threaded), I plan to use a AMD Phenom II 1100T and overclock the crap out of it. I can get a quality 990 series board for $150 and I already have 32GB of DDR3 1600 Memory available from the computer that literally just went up in smoke (bad capacitor).

The 1100T will be twice as fast as what I had and I am also shagging a Firepro v9800 from another smoked PC, so most of the operations that would have me tapping my fingers on the desk are much quicker and painless.

My question:

I plan to take this Phenom to 4.2Ghz or higher and I'm open to just about any kind of cooling solution. I'm considering the Noctua ND14, Corsair H100 Water Cooler, or assemble yourself water cooling solution. All of this would fit my budget. I'm not going to use Intel under any circumstance for a couple of reasons. Nothing you can say can sway me otherwise. What kind of cooling would you recommend? Noise isn't an issue because the Tower sits behind my desk and I have no one around to complain. Any kind of cooling solution that could possibly cause condensation (Vapor Phase, Themo-electric, ect) is not acceptable.

P.S. When I'm not at work, the machine generates Bitcoins for me on both the GPU and CPU. It's an extra $100+ for me a month and I'm not paying the electric bill, so who cares. The better the CPU does on the company dime, the more it helps me and the more productive I can be during company hours. Budget wise, I've determined that the Phenom + Board + Cooler will be faster than what a Intel based solution will do for the same money. Also, the Bulldozer doesn't do as well as my 1090t at home so don't bother changing the chip recommendation on me.

I just want to know how you would cool this processor. I'd like to keep it under 50c because it would be running at full tilt overnights.
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  1. Get a sealed water cooler. Like the H50. I would say use a 212+ for anything 4Ghz and under, but those extra .2Ghz will add some heat. The H50 does pretty well, but if you want just a little more cooling power, then go with Corsair's H80.
  2. Hey wurkfur,

    Assuming you have your workstation assembled by now, can you share the sort of performance boost you have found overclocking the system in relation to 3D rendering?

    This is a little off topic but which parts of the system have you found to yield the best results when overclocked? Eg: the BCLK vs CPU clock speed vs RAM timings etc.

    I do a bit of 3D stuff myself and with just a 30% increase on the CPU frequency I have already experienced lower rendering times and also better responsiveness in apps such as ZBrush (which mainly uses the CPU).

    I am researching this at the moment in order to maximize my system's performance but so far the articles I have found relate mainly to gaming so I'm just interested in what is best for workstation applications specifically.

    Would love to hear of your experiences if you can find the time!
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