HELP!! ASUS P6T Deluxe v2/1 build no post video strage power up & down


CORSAIR 6GB 3x2GB tr2x6g1600c8d
CORSAIR 850w modular PSU
INTEL i7-920 CPU
ASUS P6T deluxe V2/1 motherboard. (motherboard turned out to be a v1 in a v2 box)
ASUS 9800 GTX+ and MSI 7800GTX cards used (still work in P4 board)


Only the video card, CPU, RAM and speaker where on the board. I don’t plug everything ells in on a first power on test

After power button is pressed, board powers up for about 2 seconds and powers completely down. No post. And then 2 seconds later the board powers itself back on again, stays on until power reset/button is pressed/held

non of the heat sinks got even worm when the board was powered up even the CPU heat sink did not get warm with fan off. the CPU did get worm very slowly with heat sink off. Did not leave the heat sink off for to long it, only got worm then put it back on again.

Using the power button on the board only, not had all the case connectors plugged in apart from speaker.

No post, beeps, video output or blue ram light. Both the 8 and 24 pin power connectors where plugged into the board

After CMOS reset and changed batt still no post. Single ram installed still no post,. No RAM plugged in still no post beep

All motherboard mounts where correctly placed and not shorting, there was a p4 mother board in the case previously and only 1 mount needed to be removed and the rest matched up perfectly

Tested the PSU that works ok on P4 board.

No post or beeps even when the ram is not installed. should get at least a no ram post beep of some kind

Video card is out of my previous system and still works fine (PCIE 16x 2.0 and 1.0)

Even tried powering the board out of the case on a board still same results.

I have RMAd the board and will be getting another one soon, and i will get another CPU also.

how would i know if it is the CPU to Blame. when i get another motherboard which will be a V2 i don't want the same thing happening again. I cannot afford to sort the problem out.

I did notice that the board that i got was used and probably previously returned to the company which is why there was a ASUS P6T deluxe v1 in a v2 box
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  1. One thing at a time... Wait for the new board to arrive and mount it as directed to see if the motherboard was to blame for the whole no post situation... There's one thing about trying to troubleshoot any setup, sometimes you can't tell unless you're behind the setup yourself... Wait for the new board to arrive then you can take it from there...
  2. got new motherboard everything seems to be running ok.
  3. Glad I could help... Have fun with you new setup and remember, one thing at a time... Good luck...
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